Bring Me the Horizon selected a somewhat surprising cover song to include on their new Spotify Singles release, which emerged via the audio streaming platform Wednesday (June 26). In addition to an acoustic version of their own hit "Mother Tongue," the English rockers also dropped a stunning version of Anohni's "Drone Bomb Me."

The dire but catchy cut originally from the electropop artist was introduced by the group in a quick video. Hear the cover song and the Spotify Singles version of "Mother Tongue" down towards the bottom of this post.

"Hey, we're Bring Me the Horizon," drummer Matt Nicholls relays in the brief Twitter clip. "Check out our new Spotify Singles recording of 'Mother Tongue' and our cover of 'Drone Bomb Me' by Anohni." See it below.

"Drone Bomb Me" was first released by Anohni in 2016, and it appears on her solo album from that same year, Hopelessness. She previously fronted the art-pop group Antony and the Johnsons until their 2015 hiatus.

Bring Me the Horizon are currently on tour in Europe following January's release of their sixth studio effort, amo. Last month, BMTH guitarist Lee Malia sat down with Loudwire to play us some of his favorite riffs.

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