Bring Me the Horizon's "Follow You" is a somber and emotional song, soothing to the ears and gentle on the heart. The music video serves as the perfect juxtaposition, replete with gore and violence as unrest breaks out in the streets in a sort of apocalyptic state, making this graphic video NSFW.

Opening with a breaking news report on a sudden outbreak of random violence, "Follow You" begins to play with the calming clean guitar tones. The shot pans to a man lying on the couch with headphones on as an elderly woman gently rocks back in forth in a chair, shotgun in hand across her lap. On the floor, a dead body is stretched out in a pool of blood with the family dog licking the remains of the blown out head. The man, wielding a sinister smile and black eye, walks outside with his dog nearby, but the mail carrier blasts the dog's head off with a shotgun in a fit of laughter.

Nonplussed, the protagonist continues to walk the streets, seemingly impervious to the chaos that surrounds him as the neighborhood engages in street warfare. Cars ablaze, planes literally going down in flames and more random violence paints the nightmarish scene. Singing along to "Follow You" as the world around him collapses, the man finally makes it to his lover's home. A zombie-like woman answers the door, inviting him in as bullets splinter the wooden frame around the house.

Bring Me the Horizon will be out in support of 2015's That's the Spirit, hitting the U.S. for a smattering of dates dotted by festival appearances. For a full list of dates, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours or our Festival Guide.

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