In September of last year, Bring Me the Horizon dropped That's the Spirit, marking a turning point in the band's career. Employing a full-time keyboardist, the band's metalcore sound shifted to more of a pop structured format, sending them on a massive upward trajectory that now finds them on a European arena tour. The album's closing track, "Oh No," now has a visual component in the music video above.

Opening up with dialogue discussing a hostage situation, directions come in for Bring Me the Horizon to record one more take in the studio. As knobs are tweaked and faders are slid, clips of the hostage scene are spliced in between shots of the band in the recording room. In front of the suspect is a box, which seems to be of critical importance.

Things go awry when the hostage uses mental abilities to fry circuitboards in the studio, ultimately leading to his escape. Left behind is the mysterious box, which is now open with smoke pouring from the top. Later, the interrogators happen upon a fetal-like creature wielding a small trumpet in the middle of the street and things start to fall back into place in the studio.

"This is the first video I've took a step back from creatively and let the director take full control," frontman Oli Sykes told Rolling Stone who premiered the video. "At first, I was apprehensive but when it all came together I was psyched on it. It's got a good balance of humor and meaning and it's a video that leaves you with a lot of questions."

When speaking with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez at the Rock on the Range festival, Sykes discussed the change in BMTH's sound, explaining, “I guess it’s just an evolution of what we’ve been doing for the last decade and I keep saying it’s the first album with Jordan [Fish, keyboards] where he’s been able to have a bit more creative freedom and feel like more a part of the band.”

For a list of remaining Bring Me the Horizon tour dates, visit the band's Facebook page.

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