Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes recently declared that the band's Post Human EP series will eventually elicit a "record for everyone" — that is, an effort apiece to cover specific tastes and styles — as the British rockers who began as snarling deathcore specialists continue to open up their sound.

That means imminent installments of Post Human could end up being "dance‑y, electronic" or "old-school rock" or "more emo, more pop," according to Sykes — although the exact sound of each future EP isn't set in stone yet. Post Human's opening installment, the hard-edged Post Human: Survival Horror, arrived last year.

The frontman talked about the plan for three remaining Post Human entries in an interview with Minneapolis rock radio station 93X earlier this month. Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"I guess with the pandemic and everything that happened remotely," Sykes said, "we knew we weren't going to go on tour for a while, so it just felt like the perfect time to experiment with this idea. I've been saying this shit like, ​'I wanna stop doing albums, I wanna do something different,' and all this stuff for ages, and it's like, ​It's finally time to put your money where your mouth is and just do it, you know?" [via Kerrang]

The musician continued, "The idea is for us to be as creative as possible. We've got these four records now — obviously Post Human: Survival Horror being the first one — where each record can be so different that whatever we feel like doing, we can do it. And there's gonna be a record for everyone. … We've done so much shit over our career that we have our sound, but we can go anywhere with it."

After all, Sykes added, the group has different "types of fans as well: there's Bring Me the Horizon fans that love Amo, there's Bring Me the Horizon fans that just love our first record. … It's not like we’re going to write records that sound like any of those, but I appreciate that some people just wanna listen to fucking aggressive music, some people wanna listen to more emotional music and stuff. And we're the same!"

Initially, Bring Me the Horizon had planned to release four Post Human EPs within a year. Clearly, the group has gotten a little behind with that timetable, but the remaining EPs are indeed in the works.

Bring Me the Horizon's Oli Sykes talks to 93X Radio - April 10, 2021

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