Technical death metal masters Cattle Decapitation have dropped of the 'Autumn Apocalypse Tour,' which features Six Feet Under and Wretched. According to Cattle frontman Travis Ryan, the band's sudden exit from the tour was caused by former Cannibal Corpse and current Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes sucker punching Ryan during a verbal confrontation.

According to Ryan, Chris Barnes was dissing Cattle Decapitation while onstage the previous night. After Ryan approached Barnes to challenge him on why the Six Feet Under singer would smack talk the band, Barnes reportedly punched Ryan mid-sentence and ran away.

Travis Ryan took to his personal Facebook page to vent about Barnes and the hostile situation. "Chris Barnes is a f---ing hack," begins Ryan. "I've personally passed on at least 5 Six Feet tours over the last 8 or so years because he pulls so much nonsense on the support bands because his ego is astronomical. We're leaving the Chris Barnes Show tour today. Go to the Chris Barnes show and buy some of their merch. They need it desperately."

Ryan continued his tirade in a series of posts:

He couldn’t handle the fact that we were destroying him nightly on merch and talked s--t about us on stage last night. I went to confront him about that and he sucker punched me as I was talking. He immediately RAN out the door and fled to his bus like he does every night when the two fans that are left for their show are trying to get him to sign something.

We’re leaving because we have no interest in bringing more people to the chris barnes show. There was no ‘fight’. He punched me, RAN away and a few people saw it. I just walked out told his tour manager the deal, wrapped up the merch and left.

Just don’t go to the show and please get the word out. Cattle Decapitation is not doing this tour as we no longer wish to bring people to his show. Cuz its HIS show. More than enough people have drilled that fact into us.

He says ‘what about showing some respect’ I laughed, said ‘respect?’ And proceeded to tell him about the time where he spent all night with me outside their bus @ the tail end of the butchered at birth tour in 93 and that respect was paid long ago and he’s since proved to the metal world how much of a b-tch he is… I got ‘dude, in 1993…’ In there and he punched me as I was talking. Ran out the door and seriously thinks he’s a bad ass still? Hahaha…

Here’s how chris barnes works: punches. Runs. Does the Rocky dance like he’s a badass on his tour bus he’s about to not f---in afford.

Chris Barnes tweeted a short response to the statements of Travis Ryan, which has now been deleted from Barnes' Twitter page. "If you eat tofu you'll get you're ass kicked in a fight. #knocked out."

The next day, Chris Barnes spoke with Horns Up Rocks to give his own statement about the supposed incident:

The straight up story is basically here’s a guy that was antagonizing me, calling me an a--hole, for days, amongst the crew and musicians of this tour behind my back; and I heard about that. And I made a funny comment onstage last night about veggie burgers, you know ‘go have a veggie burger’, I was just trying to lighten the mood, but lets back it up a bit.

There were some problems at the beginning of the tour with some questions about the contracts having to do with merchandise… all that was settled. The night after we had that problem, I believe it was in Frederick, Virginia, we were on stage and at the end of the set I said, you know I’m glad we all got our things figured out and got that behind us, you know I really just want to have a great tour and the enjoy the tour you know. I want to thank the opening bands on the tour and let’s move on and have some fun.

Two days later I find out that this kid’s calling me an a--hole around the tour and to everybody involved with the tour. And, you know so I made a little snide comment about ‘eat a veggie burger’ and the guy got all bent out of shape supposedly, and waited for me to get off stage. And broke into my backstage room, got in my face, stepped up to me, three inches from my face, had his finger pointing in my face, yelling at me, calling me an a--hole.

And you know, to me those are fighting words. And I just, I reacted, and you know, I did not sucker punch him, number 1. I didn’t even punch him, okay. He didn’t get punched. He did not get sucker punched. I did not run out of the room. I walked out of the room because I did not feel that it was necessary to pursue violence anymore while the guy was laying on the floor. My crew guy was with me, he didn’t run out of the room with me—he walked out of the room with me.

I walked up the stairs, I did not hide in my tour bus, I did not to a ‘Rocky Dance.’ I walked off my tour bus approximately a half an hour later and walked right past their crew and van on my way to the hotel with my girlfriend. They didn’t say one word to me. Now, you know, he finds it necessary to attack me in the press and to use my reputation against me for his own benefit. It’s sad and it seems like an unnecessary thing to do and I feel bad for him.

I don’t want to badmouth anyone but he chose it upon himself to badmouth me, I just want the facts to be known. I didn’t confront this person, I did not go out of my way to confront someone—he chose to do that. I had no ill feelings toward him, I just like I said, uh… you know, it’s unfortunate for all the fans of both bands that that happened, but all I did was defend myself and really that’s all I can say about it.

Six Feet Under and Wretched are continuing with the remainder of their U.S. dates, finishing the tour in Atlanta, Ga. on Nov. 18.