Chevelle’s latest single, ‘Face to the Floor,’ emotes in a way that’s perfect for the airwaves, lumbering along in a moody sense of desolation. The track, off Chevelle’s just-released ‘Hats Off to the Bull,’ shot to No. 1 on the active rock chart in no time.

While celebrating is certainly in order, it’s never too early to start thinking about a new single, and drummer Sam Loeffler says that’s certainly on the guys’ minds. “It’s a good question!” Loeffler exclaimed to Loudwire, when asked about a possible follow-up single.

“We put a vote up on Facebook, asking people, ‘What do you think is your favorite song from the album?’ The one that really beat everybody out, 3 to 1, is ‘The Meddler,’ so people are consistently saying that’s the best song on the record. It would be cool if that was the second single, but I know ‘Hats Off to the Bull’ is also being talked about as second single, and so is ‘Same Old Trip.’ So, it’s between those three.”

Chances are, whatever Chevelle go with will do just fine. Check back to read Loudwire’s full interview with Sam Loeffler next week. In the meantime, see the band’s current tour dates here.