The American people take their politics seriously, and when an individual is elected to office, the citizens who put them in office deserve full transparency when it comes to his or her policies. Currently, the Chicago Teachers Union is on strike for increased pay and to block changes to their health benefits, among other demands, but one brave protester challenged Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on an even more important issue -- whether or not Emanuel is a fan of Nickelback.

In a bold display of our inherent right to protest, 10th grade math teacher Mike Konkoleski accused Emanuel of liking Nickelback via a funny sign while at the picket line. The sign, which states, 'Rahm Emanuel Likes Nickelback,' went viral on Monday night, as a staggering amount of Internet users shared the photo of Konkoleski's handwritten poster.

Although the teachers strike has not yet been settled, the argument put forth by Konkoleski and his now-famous sign, was addressed by Tarrah Cooper, a spokesperson for Mayor Emanuel. When asked via email as to whether Emanuel enjoys the music of the Canadian rockers, Cooper simply stated, "No."

Now that the book has been closed on the Nickel-gate controversy, Emanuel can now dedicate his full attention to the teacher's strike, right after he responds to Konkolsenki's lastest sign, 'Rahm Emanuel Likes Creed.' See below: