To everyone out there who has been bullied and ridiculed for the love of stamp collecting -- hold your heads up high. Today, your passion for licking postal stamps and sticking them to paper has been vindicated thanks to a new group of Finnish stamps that pay tribute to Children of Bodom, Nightwish, HIM, Apocalyptica, Hanoi Rocks and the Rasmus.

Finland is making the mail fun again! If you're looking to send a letter to Dead Lovers' Lane, just whip out a HIM stamp and drop that bad boy in the mailbox. Need to send some Hate mail? Stick that sucker with a Children of Bodom stamp. And, of course, if you're classy enough to say "Bye Bye Beautiful" to your significant other via Pony Express, Nightwish has you covered.

Designed by graphic artist Klaus Welp, the rock and metal stamps were created to honor six Finnish bands that have achieved international success. "For each stamp, I selected a band photo and a logotype that together resemble a band poster," Welp explains.

Two stamps from each band are featured in the 'Million Miles Away' sheet, which depicts the green room backstage at the legendary Tavastia Club in Helsinki, Finland.

The sheet of rock and metal stamps is scheduled for release by the Finnish Post on Sept. 2, 2015.

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