Stryper's Michael Sweet has come to the defense of Chris Jericho after Skid Row's Sebastian Bach accused the Fozzy rocker and pro wrestler of lip-syncing during live performances.

The feud started last week when Bach used Twitter to claim that Jericho "mimes to a tape" instead of genuinely singing when Fozzy take the stage. He lobbed the remark in response to a comment comparing the two singers, initially making more kind observations about Jericho before changing course.

A back-and-forth on the social networking service ensued, with fellow musicians and fans alike offering their two cents. The quarrel came to a crux on Monday (July 20) when, in a bid to prove his vocal chops, Jericho sang Skid Row's "Youth Gone Wild" in a video message that only stoked Bach's anger.

Two days later, Stryper's Sweet threw his hat in the ring to vouch for Jericho, both as a performer and as a friend. Making his case on Instagram, and without explicitly using the term, the rocker implied that the Fozzy vocalist doesn't lip-sync when he performs.

"[Jericho] doesn't have anything to prove as a singer, a wrestler or a person," Sweet said. "He's achieved success and made quite the name for himself. He's about as active as anyone I know and is also a great guy with a big heart. He's also my friend. [Stryper] had him up on stage to perform with us … and I was honored to have him sing on one of my solo songs a few years back as well."

The Stryper frontman continued, "Chris is a very talented individual and a grounded human being. He doesn't need validation from anyone. He's made his mark and will continue to do so. He was at my wedding in 2010 and we had our own 'sing off' on the dance floor to the [Bon Jovi] classic, 'Living On A Prayer.'"

Indeed, there does exist footage captured by a concertgoer of Jericho joining Stryper onstage for a performance of Scorpions' "Blackout" in 2011 — watch it below. On record, Jericho joins guitarist Doug Aldrich as the featured guests on "Anybody Else," a cut from Sweet's 2014 solo effort I'm Not Your Suicide.

That seems to be far from the end of this tiff, but maybe more musicians will come forward to offer their thoughts on the matter. For now, listeners will have to draw their own conclusions regarding the lip-sync dispute.

Stryper feat. Chris Jericho, "Blackout" (Live) - Jan. 15, 2011

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