Clutch's standout 11th studio record, Psychic Warfare, was released in October of last year and the southern rockers are keeping the momentum rolling ever-forward. With a headlining tour on the horizon, the group is building anticipation with the release of the Wild West-themed music video for "A Quick Death in Texas."

The song tells the narrative of a Yankee boy who finds himself in trouble with the law after presumably fooling around with another man's wife. The video follows the lyrics as the protagonist (played by singer Neil Fallon) tries to drown his sorrows at the Doom Saloon before being dragged through the dirt, strapped to a horse by his feet. As for his fate? Watch the video above to find out!

Speaking about the video, Fallon commented, “The video for ‘A Quick Death In Texas’ was a lot of fun to make. Dave Brodsky [director] and his crew did a great job and considering that the whole shoot was done in a single day is astonishing. The cast at Wild West City are a great group of folks. In a world of monster corporate theme parks, Wild West City is a rare gem. (And no… Wild West City is not in Texas. It’s in New Jersey in the shadow of the Poconos.)"

“I won’t lie, I had a blast playing cowboy for a day, even if it meant getting repeatedly killed, sometimes by desperados, sometimes by trusted bandmates," Fallon continued. "Originally, I was going to be drawn-and-quartered, but we didn’t have the budget for four horses. So we opted for a traditional one-horse-dragging. And Lucky, the painted roan, did a fine job of delivering justice.”

Clutch will venture out on a headlining run starting Sept. 28 in Buffalo, N.Y. The rock veterans will be backed by Zakk Wylde's Black Sabbath tribute band, Zakk Sabbath and Los Angeles' Kyng. The trek will wrap up one day before Halloween, closing things out in Worcester, Mass. on Oct. 30. For a full list of stops, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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