Following the mysterious website they launched a few weeks ago full of puzzles and teasers, Code Orange have officially announced their upcoming album Underneath, and have also shared the title track.

"Underneath" delivers typical Code Orange aggression with a catchy, melodic hook. Guitarist Reba Meyers also takes the majority of the vocal spotlight on the track. Watch the intense, creature-filled video for the song below.

Underneath is about facing the duality in ourselves as individuals and as a society in an overcrowded, overexposed, all-consuming digital nirvana," explains vocalist and drummer Jami Morgan. "Everyone has a voice and no one’s seems to matter… plummet down the rabbit hole of your deepest fears, anxieties and regrets to confront the monster that has been building underneath. down.we.go”

Underneath will be out March 13 on Roadrunner Records. See the track list and album cover below, and pre-order the album here.

Code Orange are scheduled to perform a handful of performances this year so far, including some festivals. See the dates at this location.

Code Orange, Underneath Album Art + Track Listing

Roadrunner Records
Roadrunner Records

01. "(deeperthanbefore)"
02. "Swallowing the Rabbit Whole"
03. "In Fear"
04. "You and You Alone"
05. "Who I Am"
06. "Cold.Metal.Place"
07. "Sulfur Surrounding"
08. "The Easy Way"
09. "Erasure Scan"
10. "Last Ones Left"
11. "Autumn and Carbine"
12. "Back Inside the Glass"
13. "A Sliver"
14. "Underneath"

Code Orange, "Underneath"

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