Record Store Day is a goldmine for collectors and music geeks, with lots of limited edition material flooding the racks at indie retailers in a concerted effort to entice consumers into the stores. Cradle of Filth are giving headbangers more than enough reason to head to the local mom and pop shop, since the British black metal blasphemers will release 'Midnight in the Labyrinth' as a limited edition, two-disc set on April 21, according to a Facebook post.

For this haunting and cinematic collection, the band took the most requested tracks from its first four official releases and reworked them orchestrally to create an epic, expansive and gloriously symphonic piece that is reminiscent of the work of soundtrack composers like Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and Jerry Goldsmith.

The 'Labyrinth' is comprised of 10 songs that span 78 minutes, plus a 13-minute aural séance house on the first disc.

Cradle classics such as ‘Funeral in Carpathia,' ‘The Twisted Nails of Faith’ and ‘Summer Dying Fast’, the latter of which has already been showcased on last year’s 'Evermore Darkly' EP are featured. Singer Dani Filth is described as "narrating nightmares" in Disc One with vocalist Sarah Jezebel Diva. The thought nearly chilled our blood. The second disc is strictly orchestral and symphonic renderings.

This set should tide the diehards over until Halloween, when the band unleashes its new album. How appropriate.