We've got fantastic news to report from the Crowbar / Soilent Green camps. Drummer Tommy Buckley, who had his prostate removed after being diagnosed with cancer, is now 100-percent cancer-free!

In August, we reported that Buckley had undergone a prostatectomy to prevent cancerous cells from spreading to other parts of his body. The procedure took place on Aug. 13, and although the cancer was in a small part of his prostate, Buckley's doctor recommended the total removal of the drummer's prostate just to be safe.

According to a post on Crowbar's Facebook page (see below), Tommy Buckley is cancer-free. The band also took a moment to encourage men to undergo prostate exams, adding that early detection can help save lives, much like it possibly did for Buckley.

Congratulations, Tommy! We wish you the best of health from here on out.