Talk about making the best of the situation. Not only is Dave Grohl sitting on an ornate Game of Thrones style chair that’s rigged with lights, guitar necks and a giant Foo Fighters logo during their tour, the musician has now incorporated his leg cast into the band's act. We’ve cued up the fan-captured concert footage above, so you can experience the moment when guitar meets cast.

As you may recall Dave Grohl broke his leg last month, after falling off stage during a show in Sweden. While he came back out and finished that performance, the Foo Fighters were forced to cancel their remaining U.K. and European tour dates throughout June so the singer could start to heal. But, come July 4 when the Foo Fighters’ were scheduled kick off their North American tour, Grohl was back in action, sitting on his throne with his leg elevated, rocking out.

It was during their second tour stop on July 6, in Camden, N.J., that the singer first worked his leg cast into this routine. After playing his guitar facedown on the toe of his cast during their song “Outside,” Grohl asked the audience their opinion. “That was the first time I’ve ever done the f—king cast solo. Is that okay?” Grohl asked. “Do you like that cast solo? I haven’t done that yet. What do you think Camden, should I keep that cast solo? (pause) Looks like I’m doing it in Toronto.” Check out some more fan-filmed footage of his performance below and rest assured if you’ve grabbed tickets to any of Foo Fighters' upcoming shows you’re likely to see some leg action from the singer.

The band’s North American tour has just begun and the band will be traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada until Oct. 18 before heading out on a European tour. Head here to check out their remaining tour stops and to buy tickets.

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