Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is diving head-first into yet another project. With Grohl acting as director, a yet-unnamed HBO series will document an eight-city journey that the Foos traveled while recording their upcoming studio album.

The brilliant 'Sound City' documentary, which was spearheaded by Dave Grohl, tells the tale of a studio used to record legendary albums from acts such as Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Slipknot + many others. This new HBO series will be similar to 'Sound City,' though the TV show will focus on eight legendary studios where Foo Fighters recorded their new album -- with one song created in each location.

According to Classic Rock Magazine, locations confirmed include Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio [Nirvana / Page & Plant] in Chicago, Don Zientara's Inner Ear studios [Fugazi / S.O.A.] in Washington D.C., Rancho De La Luna studios [Queens of the Stone Age / Scream] and many others.

Some of rock's most influential musicians will also be interviewed for the series. Expect appearances from KISS' Paul Stanley, Heart's Nancy Wilson, Joe Walsh of the Eagles and Minor Threat / Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye.

"Dave's heartfelt passion for this project is contagious and his talent as a musician and filmmaker is undeniable," says Michael Lombardo, President, HBO Programming. "We are excited to go on this journey with him and the Foo Fighters for this insider's look at how regional music inspired them to create their own new music."

The HBO series is scheduled to premiere late in the year, on the eve of Foo Fighters' 20th anniversary as a band.