Fear Factory fans have waited with the hope that new music would eventually come from the band, and guitarist Dino Cazares appears to have some good news on that front. In a social media post about his birthday and the struggles of the last four years, he indicates that new Fear Factory music is on tap for 2021.

Cazares posted on Sept. 2, his 54th birthday, holding a pair of cookies -- one for Fear Factory and one for Asesino, his two bands. In speaking to fans, he stated, "I’ve been through a lot of shit these past 4 years. FF Lawsuits (I won) Bankruptcy Lawsuit ( I won) Huge Legal Debt (need help) Divorce (not easy) W/help from my family and friends Im thriving & surviving. New FF music in 2021 and Asesino."

While not much was revealed beyond his initial statement, the guitarist commented on a Metal Injection post, stating, "If u read my bday post it says 'I won' referring to my portion of my lawsuits. I can not speak about any other past or present members legal issues. Google search all the legal documents and there u will find the truth."

Back in 2018, singer Burton C. Bell had indicated that a new Fear Factory album had been completed, but last fall Cazares updated fans that no new album was in the works. In May of this year, Cazares confirmed that the last three years of Fear Factory had been tied up in legal matters between band members. At the time he was unable to say whether or not the band would ever be able to return, adding, "I'm gonna be very positive and I hope in the near future that things will change."

That said, Cazares shared his hope for a Fear Factory future, revealing that he had been writing for the potential of a Fear Factory record during quarantine along with his other projects.

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