It's the end of the year for rock behemoths Disturbed, who just performed their final 2016 show in Auckland, New Zealand on Friday, Nov. 18. The tour ended on a heartwarming note as the band brought Pete, a fan who had been sitting at the front of the barricade in a wheelchair, up to the stage to watch the remainder of the show from Disturbed's vantage point.

The group uploaded the video to their Facebook page (seen below) and it opens up with singer David Draiman taking a look at a sweaty Led Zeppelin shirt that was tossed onstage. He then turns his focus towards Pete, explaining to the crowd how he had noticed the fan who hadn't been able to see the show well, but "had the balls to be in the f--king front row like this."

As Pete was brought up onstage, he and Draiman engaged in a light back and forth and Pete revealed the Disturbed show was his first-ever concert. Draiman then asked if he would do the band the honor of joining them onstage for the rest of the night, to which Pete readily accepted. The frontman detailed the difference between hard rock and metal fans to pop fans, stating how someone in a wheelchair would never try to get to the barricade at a Britney Spears show. The crowd also broke into a "Pete! Pete! Pete!" chant when asked to give it up for the dedicated fan.

As the video continues, various clips are shown of Pete at the corner of the stage, watching the rest of Disturbed's impactful show from an entirely unique point of view, able to feel the energy of being a star in one of the world's biggest rock acts. Pete was seen capturing the moment, shooting video on his cell phone as Draiman, bassist John Moyer and guitarist Dan Donegan took turns walking over and rocking out in front of Pete. The fan also got in a group shot with the legends (seen below) as they faced the back of the stage with thousands of fans behind them, all with raised fists and devil horns.

It's been a memorable trip Down Under for Disturbed as they welcomed a 55-year old fan in Sydney, Australia and Draiman checked off a bucket list item, opting to go diving with great white sharks.

Disturbed will resume touring once again early next year, kicking things off in Dublin, Ireland on Jan. 7 with a series of U.K. dates to follow. With a some brief time off, they'll return to Europe for another tour leg as they continue to support their sixth studio album, Immortalized. For a taste of the band live, fans can scoop up the newly released Live at Red Rocks. 

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