A few weeks ago, details emerged about an industrially-leaning side project from Disturbed frontman David Draiman. While his main, multi-platinum band remains on hiatus, he's keeping busy with other things. He revealed the name of the new project via a tweet and it's called –drumroll, please- Device.

Upon initial inspection, Device seems like the perfect moniker for this band, as it's in keeping with the supposedly mechanized, industrial sound of the band.

When Draiman shared the name through Twitter, he did so in all caps. Actually, every single one of his tweets on his feed is capitalized, which is akin to yelling in web etiquette. Maybe Draiman was so excited about Device that he had to shout it from the Twitter rooftop? Or maybe he didn't realize that he was committing a digital faux pas? Perhaps his "Caps Lock" button was stuck? It could be any number of reasons, ranging from excitement to keyboard malfunctions.

But back to Device as an entity. The band also features ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lombardo and the group's official Facebook page is here, so throw 'em a like if you want to be kept abreast of all the Device happenings.

The official band Twitter page is here if you'd like to follow it, and Device have already started sharing some studio photos.

For his part, Draiman did engage in a dialogue and discourse with fans about the project on his personal feed, without revealing too much key information. It certainly stirred and sparked interest.