Disturbed are taking a well-publicized (and much deserved) break from making music and singer David Draiman plans to use his time off wisely by doing things like procreating. Well, he'll be trying to, at least.

During the Dimebash, held on Dec. 14 in Hollywood, Draiman revealed that impregnating his super hot wife, Japanese-American model/professional wrestler Lena Yada, whom he married in September, topped his list of extracurricular activities. Looks like the singer is ready to settle down and start a family. No time like the present.

"You know, to relax, man," the singer said about his plans for 2012, which find Disturbed on the back burner. "I'm trying to work with a couple of different bands, doing some production. I'm really just kind of chilling. I wanna go ahead and impregnate my wife and have a baby. You know, be a normal human being for about five seconds." Those are noble goals for even a rock star to have.

Good luck to Draiman and his wife in their efforts to start a family in the next year.

Watch David Draiman Discuss 2012 Plans