Dropkick Murphys have experienced tremendous amounts of pain and glory, losing dear friends to drug abuse while performing to an eternally devoted fan base. In this interview, vocalist Al Barr and bassist / vocalist Ken Casey discuss the Murphys’ new album and the themes covered within.

11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory is out now and it’s only one of two Dropkick albums that will see a 2017 release. Pain & Glory is the band’s first time recording outside of Boston, traveling all the way to El Paso, Texas to avoid all distractions. “We took the gamble of, ‘Let’s try something different,’” says Casey. “That’s the key for us. Comparing [past] records, it was like a bunch of guys with ADD made those records and a bunch of guys that were focused made this record.”

As the album title dictates, 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory covers a huge spectrum of emotions. On the sadder side, Dropkick were inspired to write about loved ones who have recently passed away, more specifically to opioid addiction. “We’ve been through a lot with people in our lives and around us overdosing and dying lately. It’s tragic, it’s of epidemic proportions,” Casey expresses. “Al lost his brother-in-law, I just lost a cousin, I just sang at one of my good friend’s funerals. I’ve been to 30, 40, 50 funerals in the last year — all people I knew really well.”

Listen to Dropkick Murphys talk about their personal experiences with pain and glory in the video above. Click here to grab a copy of 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory and be sure to catch the Murphys on their upcoming U.S. tour!

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