It would be pretty to cool to get either Lemmy Kilmister or Marilyn Manson to deliver guest vocals on your album, but Emigrate were able to get both iconic frontmen to contribute to their latest disc, Silent So Long.

What's even cooler is that the songs that Lemmy and Manson appear on are both incredible tracks. Lemmy lends his raspy vocals to the infectious "Rock City," while Manson sings on the intense "Hypothetical."

So how did Emigrate happen to land both Lemmy and Manson on their album? Frontman Richard Kruspe (also of Rammstein) and bassist Arnaud Giroux stopped by Loudwire to discuss a variety of topics, including the all-star guest vocalists who appear on Silent So Long.

And what about their reaction to hearing the Motorhead frontman's voice on "Rock City" for the first time. Wait until you see and hear the answer from Kruspe! Check out the video interview above to see how the collaborations came together, and get the stories behind the songs.

As for the disc Silent So Long, we named it the Best Rock Album of 2014. The stellar effort also features guest vocals from Peaches and Korn's Jonathan Davis. Stay tuned for another part of our interview in which Emigrate discuss those collaborations, as well. We strongly suggest you pick up Emigrate's Silent So Long, which is available at iTunes.

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