Evanescence’s Amy Lee recently stopped by our studio to chat all about her new kids album, Dream Too Much. In this exclusive interview, Amy tells us all about how motherhood influenced the work, teaming up with her musical family, the hope that her son will be her biggest fan and more!

Lee became mother in 2014, giving birth to her son, Jack. “Stepping out of the hospital for the first time after having Jack, it was like this whole new filter on life, like I had a new piece of my heart that opened up that I’d never felt before. It was amazing and I got all this new inspiration. It’s definitely a big part of what the album is and where it came from.”

Dream Too Much consists of seven original tracks and five cover songs. Even though most are directed toward young children, covers of songs like The Beatles’ “Hello, Goodbye” can be enjoyed by anybody. Amy worked with many of her family members to create Dream Too Much, revealing the musicality that permeates throughout her gene pool. Jack even makes a little cameo for the Beatles re-imagining.

Amy believed that motherhood would stifle her creative workload, but this didn’t turn out to be the case. “I thought when I would have children that I would want to work a lot less and that I would retire or something. Instead, I just felt a showering of inspiration and fuel and I’m working a lot. Being a mom takes up a lot of time, but I have all this leftover energy that I just have to run upstairs and throw down in the studio.”

Amy Lee’s Dream Too Much album is available now through Amazon, and Amazon Prime members can stream the entire record for free right now!

As for Evanescence, the band is releasing a comprehensive box set, The Ultimate Collection. The 6LP set features the band’s entire discography along with pre-Fallen material fans have been long asking for! For a limited time, The Ultimate Collection will also feature a booklet autographed by Amy!

Click here to pre-order the box set. You can also catch Evanescence on their upcoming 2016 U.S. tour.

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