Evanescence’s new album will see the light of day in 2020! The 21st century titans have revealed the album art for The Bitter Truth and will release the album’s first single on April 24.

As of this posting, no release date or track listing has been revealed for the band’s fifth album, but 50 lucky fans will get to hear “Wasted on You” before anyone else via a private Zoom call with Amy Lee herself.

Evanescence announced the news earlier today (April 17) via Facebook:

We promised you a new album in 2020 and we won’t let anything stop us. We are proud to begin sharing our new album ‘THE BITTER TRUTH’ with you, one piece at a time, starting with our first song “Wasted On You” next FRIDAY! We will choose 50 people who PRE-SAVE to get the first listen of “Wasted On You” on a Zoom call with Amy Lee next Thursday!

"The songs came from all different places, they're not all in the same vein," Lee recently told Loudwire."It's going really great. It's a combination of a lot of things … It's definitely 100 percent us, but it's also taking risks, and I think it's meaningful — deeply meaningful... A lot of it has attitude."

While the frontwoman didn’t reveal much about the album's theme and lyrical content, she shares that some of the events that have occurred in her life, such as becoming a mother and losing her brother, will influence the record.

"I definitely have felt like I have one foot on the other side a lot the past two years," she admits. "So there's a lot of writing that's, I guess in a way back to my roots in that I'm searching for meaning in things... That stuff's all in there. But it's not all dark and serious."


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