The wait for new Every Time I Die music is finally over with the arrival of two new songs titled "A Colossal Wreck" and "Desperate Pleasures."

We say finally because ever since the band announced that they had finished recording their ninth album back in March, fans have been not so patiently waiting for a taste of some new tunes. In an interview with Peer Pleasure podcast in October, vocalist Keith Buckley confirmed what fans already knew: The band wouldn't release the album until they could give it the attention it deserved and tour on it.

While there are no further details on album No. 9 at the moment, we now have two new songs to bask in.

According to Buckley, the tracks are “two sides of the same reactionary coin. While ‘A Colossal Wreck’ looks around at the current state of the world and says ‘life is a punishment and only the worst of us thrive’ and, ‘Desperate Pleasures’ takes a more optimistic approach and renounces the nihilistic/accelerationist attitude of the voice that came before. It says that without hope, even in the face of such universal anguish, only death is certain and to give up now when those around us need it most is a treacherous act of pure cowardice. That said, I'm not sure which is worse, being a coward or being a cynic. Probably a coward. At least cynics have a sense of humor.”

You can hear both new songs, check out their lyrics and see what some of the band members had to say upon the new releases below.

Also, in lieu of their annual ‘TID the Season holiday show, ETID will host a livestream event hilariously titled "Every Time I Die's Online Telethon Extravaganza to Raise $69 for the Members of Every Time I Die." The event is scheduled to go off on Dec. 19 at 5PM ET / 2PM PT and you can pick up tickets here.

Every Time I Die, "A Colossal Wreck" 

Every Time I Die, "Desperate Pleasures"

"A Colossal Wreck" Lyrics
Give it all back to the animals / No one is gonna deliver us (3x)

Give it back (3x)

All the wrong people are gone (2x)

Why would God be in a godless swamp?

All the wrong people are gone

Down here they eat, fuck and ravage

A new breed of white, ancient savage

Wicked men with cross in hand praying for bodies to scavenge

A prison ship of bloat and rot they can’t just have, we must have not

Dark red speck / Colossal wreck

The arc crashes into the rocks

The fragile are broken and smothered

Children are torn from their mothers / The dumb and cruel establish rule

Life is how sinners are punished

Don’t let them out, let me in

They’re burning a witch / Burning a witch

Came for the kill never left

Son of a bitch (2x)

I’m calling it quits

I should have been baptized / Death's perfect shine is in my eyes

Now I’m just killing time until time decides I’ve had enough

We must have not

I should have been baptized / Death's perfect shine is in my eyes

Now I’m just killing time until time decides I’ve had enough

"Desperate Pleasures"Lyrics

Wheel out your god, these are desperate times

Talk to your mother, these are desperate times

Dance with your lover these are desperate times

Surrender yourself these are desperate times

Fight for their lives

Fight for their lives

The hopeless are useless in desperate times

You got it bad?

Try having passion / Try still believing that some good will happen /

Though nothing ever has and nothing ever will

Because nothing ever can

It’s almost unbearable / Honestly? Terrible

We’re in the golden age of bastards

We’re living in the golden age of bastards, bastards

Despairing is painless and peace is a lie, you should try loving man while fucking hating mankind

It rips you apart

Got an atheist praying for judgement day

Enough to make an atheist pray for judgement day

The great American sob story / A sad S.O.B story- / A holy man who kills what cannot be saved

At war with a villain, you can’t call a truce / You put down your weapon but now he’s got two

A liar’s a liar, take him at his word

Forever rebelling against the absurd

The world made us sick / How can it heal us? (5x)

We can not be saved by the men digging graves (2x)

In desperate times / Desperate times

Hey, look on the bright side / There’s nowhere but up from a canyon in hell (2x)

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