Every Time I Die have just announced the release of their seventh studio album, 'From Parts Unknown.' The new record has been given a July 1 street date, and even better, the band has unleashed the album's first single, 'Thirst' (listen above). 

Soon after forming in 1998, Every Time I Die became one of modern hardcore's most beloved acts. After the releases of 'Hot Damn!' in 2003 and 'Gutter Phenomenon' in 2005, Every Time I Die found themselves on the top tier of various "core" genres. A unique sense of excitement has followed the band for well over a decade, and that buzz will continue with 'From Parts Unknown.'

For vocalist Keith Buckley, making similar albums back-to-back is "boring and baseless." Buckley adds, "Instead of making something that the kids can all sing along to, we wanted to make music that scares them." This sensibility can be found within 'Thirst,' which showcases Every Time I Die's full-speed-ahead attack mixed with some fresh and unnerving dynamics. The track was debuted earlier today via Noisey.

'From Parts Unknown' was produced by Converge guitarist and studio guru Kurt Ballou, who arguably has the most impressive catalogue of works in all of modern hardcore and metal. “Working with Kurt was stressful in the best way," Buckley describes, "like when your dad comes to watch you play baseball for the first time and you just want to make him proud."

Check out 'Thirst' in the video above and the album art + track listing for 'From Parts Unknown' below!

Every Time I Die, 'From Parts Unknown' Album Art:


'From Parts Unknown' Track Listing:

01. 'The Great Secret'
02. 'Pelican Of The Desert'
03. 'Decayin' With The Boys'
04. 'Overstayer'
05. 'If There Is Room To Move, Things Move'
06. 'Moor'
07. 'Exometrium'
08. 'Thirst'
09. 'Old Light'
10. 'All Structures Are Unstable'
11. 'El Dorado'
12. 'Idiot'