Every Time I Die have unveiled a creative video for their new single 'I Suck (Blood)' off of their sixth studio album 'Ex-Lives.'

The clip for the new song shows a voyeuristic guy creepily stalking and recording a pretty blonde girl. Not only does he break into her house but he steals photos of her as well as her underwear. That’s not creepy enough, you say? Blondie gets a package which contains a human heart with a needle through it and her reaction to the bloody organ heightens the level of the eerie tone of this video.

The end of the video will have you guessing whether the girl or the older guy stalking her was really the victim. The very unique video was directed by Carlo Opperman.

‘Ex-Lives’ is the band’s follow up to their 2009 release ‘New Junk Aesthetic.’ Check out our exclusive video interview with frontman Keith Buckley as he talks in-depth about the latest album and some of Every Time I Die’s other disturbing music videos.

To hear the band perform ‘I Suck (Blood)’ live, you can check them out on this year’s Warped Tour lineup. For a list of tour dates, go here, and make sure to stay away from strange dudes with video cameras and frightening blonde girls who are attracted to bloody human hearts.

Watch Every Time I Die’s Video for ‘I Suck (Blood)’