Extreme Metal Olympics Group 4 Final

Welcome to the Semi Finals of the Extreme Metal Olympics. Beginning with 32 bands competing for glory, we're now down to four bands after a grueling cycle of eliminations. Your votes will now determine which bands will advance to the Gold Medal Round.

In Group 3 of our competition, we showcased acts from Sweden, Poland, Australia, Canada and France, but the band who swept Group 3 come from the beautiful country of Finland. Children of Bodom captured the win in the Quarter Finals over Meshuggah in an incredibly close pairing. Bodom are now one of the final four, and will battle the Group 4 champs for a spot in the Gold Medal Round.

Group 4 may have proven to be the most interesting in our Extreme Metal Olympics, with Japanese metallers Dir En Grey facing Sweden's Arch Enemy in the final battle of the group. Dir En Grey might, in fact, have the most dedicated and insane fans on the planet, as the underdogs swiftly defeated Arch Enemy thanks to the massive amount of votes provided by Dir En Grey fanatics.

Who will make it to the Gold Medal Round? Will it be Children of Bodom or Dir En Grey? Your votes will decide, but don't worry, if your favorite band doesn't win, they will still compete for the chance to win an Extreme Metal Olympics Bronze Medal.

Check out music from these two bands and vote for your favorite below!

(All Semi Finals polls will close on Friday, August 10, at 8AM ET. Fans are able to vote once per hour in every poll, so keep coming back to make sure your favorite band wins!)

Children of Bodom, 'Follow the Reaper'
Dir En Grey, 'Different Sense'