Eyehategod have performed with both Philip Anselmo and Randy Blythe subbing in for Mike IX Williams this year, with fans being told that the vocalist was dealing with health issues. Those issues have now been revealed as a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help his family with medical expenses while he awaits a liver transplant.

In a posting at the site, Michelle Maher-Williams revealed the extent of the singer's health issues, revealing that in December of 2014 the vocalist was hospitalized in Texas with a failing liver. He was eventually diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and after meeting with a specialist, the singer changed his diet and lifestyle and began to see some improvement in his liver function. Williams was eventually cleared to return to touring with Eyehategod in 2015, but was hospitalized once again after the trek. In the spring of this year, he was once again cleared to tour, but late in the trek he was found unresponsive in a hotel room, rushed to a hospital and put on life support. After coming out of a coma, it was revealed that Williams would need a liver transplant and the family began the journey of getting him on the transplant list.

She adds, "On Oct. 10, 2016, he was admitted to the CCU, vomiting blood. Along with internal bleeding, it was determined that his liver and kidneys were failing. He was placed on life support and dialysis. Through sheer grit and determination, he was eventually able to function on his own. We were told that he would not be leaving the hospital without a new liver. His case was presented before the board and he was approved for the transplant list. He's been hospitalized ever since."

Maher-Williams says that while the singer hates the idea of asking for help, the need for support is greater than ever. "We can't do this on our own anymore. The expenses are astronomical and overwhelming," she explains. "Not only has our health insurance nearly tripled, but now we need to come up with our insurance deductible before the transplant occurs. We have a mountain of medical bills that need to be paid to ensure that his transplant isn't delayed."

She continues, "Since we live over an hour away from the hospital, we are required to rent an apartment nearby for 3-6 months after the transplant. His monthly prescriptions cost over $900. Mike hasn't been able to tour and I've taken a lot of time off in order to take care of him, so our income has plunged while our expenses have skyrocketed. Please help my lover get a liver! He's fought so hard to get this far. We thank you all."

The campaign is seeking to raise $50,000 to help with the expenses, and just over $6,500 had been raised at press time. To help out, you can make your donations at the You Caring campaign page.

Williams joined Eyehategod in 1988 and has appeared on all five of the band's studio album. The group's last release was 2014's self-titled set.

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