Fans will finally be able to mosh at Wisconsin's Rock Fest in 2024, albeit in specific designated zones, and they have some thoughts on the matter.

In announcing the 2024 lineup for the annual summer concert event in Cadott, Wisconsin, organizers also served up a new list of "improvements" for the 2024 festival after listening to concertgoer feedback, and at the top of the list is their decision to finally allow moshing.

Why the Mosh Zones Are Notable

Rock Fest took a little bit of a public image hit last year after one of the performers, Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse, called out the Rock Fest crowd for being less than energetic during his band's performance. Radke stated on Twitter, "It's time for bands to criticize crowds. Cadott, Wisconsin was boring as hell. LOL. What are some cities dudes hate playing cause you know the crowds are lame?"

The "no mosh" policy has been instilled at the festival for years, and as some fans noted in responding to Radke's beef, the set-up wasn't exactly conducive for fan energy.

About the New Moshing Regulations

In announcing their improvements, festival organizers issued a statement that says, "in the past, we've held back on moshing at Rock Fest to ensure everyone's safety, which is our top priority. We know, however, that moshing is a vital par of rockers' release and metal experience for many of you. We've listened to your feedback and are excited to introduce a moshing area at the Budweiser Boneyard Stage as a pilot program."

They continue, "This allows us to embrace the energy of moshing while maintaining a safe environment for all festival-goers. We're setting up designated zones for both moshers and hon-moshers, ensuring everyone can still enjoy the show up close."

They add, "Please note, for everyone's safety, hardcore dancing styles or flail moshing will not be permitted. Let's rock responsibly, keep an eye out for our brothers and sisters, and make this a memorable addition to Rock Fest 2024!"

What Fans Are Saying?

The response has garnered some mixed reaction. One fan suggested, "That's awesome," but then asked for a further improvement such as, "Now get rid of all the chairs that go to the back hill." "About time for the moshing," noted another fan with an arms raised emoji.

Another commented on the change not necessarily fitting the lineup, adding, "So you'll allow moshing for the year with the softest lineup? Must be expecting some rowdy crowds for Jelly Roll." While another fan laughed at having rules associated with moshing, noting, "Designated moshing zones, lmao."

Others were just glad to finally have the moshing option. "Thank you for adding a small pit! It's a start and hopefully can bring a little more heavy acts and better energy!"

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Other Additions for 2024

The "moshing zone" was just one of several new improvements, with organizers now allowing fans to rent lockers, introducing mocktail options, making porta-potties available for campers arriving early to the festival, upgrading the power system for attendees, providing more hammocks, announcing theme days and providing more shaded areas. A full rundown can be found here.

2024 Rock Fest Lineup

Rock Fest returns to Cadott, Wis., the weekend of July 18-20. Jelly Roll, Shinedown and Thirty Seconds to Mars have been tapped to headline the music weekend, with sets from Chevelle, The Hu, Fever 333, The 2 Live Crew, Parkway Drive, Beartooth, Atreyu, From Ashes to New, 311, Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, Dirty Honey and Ayron Jones among those set to play.

The full lineup can be viewed below and ticketing is currently underway at the Rock Fest festival website.

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