The Offspring are one of the most renowned and successful bands in punk rock history, selling over 36 million albums worldwide. Having adopted the name of the Offspring after begin called Manic Subsidal from 1994 to 1996, the band exploded into the mainstream with their 1994 smash album… uhh… 'Smash.'

The Offspring ruled MTV for a decade after the fall of grunge music, with Kurt Cobain's suicide having occurred only three days before the release of 'Smash.' The album boasted massive hits such as 'Self Esteem' and 'Come Out and Play.'

The band also scored some serious praise with their 1997 album, 'Ixnay on the Hombre,' which consisted of tracks 'Gone Away' and the essential track for fans of the 'Crazy Taxi' video game, 'All I Want.' The band unleashed 'Americana' in 1998, the Offspring's most successful album after 'Smash.' Videos for the songs 'Pretty Fly (For a White Guy),' 'Why Don't You Get a Job?' and 'The Kid's Aren't Alright' became staples of 'Total Request Live' during MTV's biggest boom in the late '90s.

'Conspiracy of One' was released in 2000, which mirrored 'Ixnay' in terms of commercial success, followed by 'Splinter' in 2003 and 'Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace' in 2008.

To celebrate the news of the Offspring releasing their ninth album, 'Days Go By' this summer, we want to know what your favorite Offspring single is. We've picked out a handful of the band's standout singles and placed them lovingly in the poll below. Now vote!