Industrial metal pioneers Fear Factory released their latest album Genexus last year and they're ready to go deeper. The band has now unveiled the video for the album's closing track "Expiration Date" that you can check out in the player above.

Genexus is a concept album, with the title combining the words "genesis" and "nexus." It explores what happens when the difference between humans and machines becomes invisible. "Expiration Date" is the finale of the story, and the lengthy track utilizes only clean vocals.

Vocalist Burton C. Bell talked about the song with Rolling Stone: "I'm a big fan of melodic rock bands like U2 and even Sisters of Mercy and I've always integrated that influence into our music. It's funny because back when we first started, people heard this crazy death metal with screaming and then these clean vocals and they went, 'What the f--k is this?' They hated it. Then later, kids who were too young to know us in 2000 heard us and thought we were ripping off Killswitch Engage, so you can't win."

Bell continues, "With Genexus we didn't want to do away with the melodic vocals, so we approached every song in a new way and used a combination of growls, melodic screams and clean singing. For 'Expiration Date' the music just didn't call for death metal vocals at all."

Fear Factory are currently on tour with Soilwork, and are playing their classic 1995 album Demanufacture in its entirety. The trek makes a stop tonight (April 12) in Pittsburgh.

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