As Five Finger Death Punch get closer to the release of their new album 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2' on Nov. 19, they continue to roll out track-by-track commentary on select tracks. Here, Loudwire brings you the North American premiere of the webisode that offers an inside look at the current single 'Battle Born' (watch above).

"It kind of came naturally cause we'd just gotten off the road for what seemed to be like a millennium," says frontman Ivan Moody. He adds, "'Battle Born' is kind of the way of me releasing all the angst that I had built up on the road."

The singer elaborates, "After being out there and shaking all those hands and every day you feel like you give so much of your soul, and no pun intended, but it's never enough. Someone always wants more. So 'Battle Born' kind of defines us as a unit. I think [so] anyway. We're road warriors."

Drummer Jeremy Spencer and guitarist Jason Hook also offer their insights on the track, with Hook in particular commenting on how the song is something that is "further outside the box" than their normal tracks. You can watch the full commentary above.

'Battle Born' is the lead single off Five Finger Death Punch's 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2.' The disc, which drops Nov. 19, is currently available for pre-order at iTunes in standard and deluxe editions and via Amazon in standard and deluxe editions. Or, you can click here to see all the various pre-order possibilities.

To see previous Five Finger Death Punch track-by-track videos on the new album, click the red button. You can also watch the music video for 'Battle Born' below.

Watch the Five Finger Death Punch 'Battle Born' Video


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