In a recent chat with Revolver TV, Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook acknowledged how the music business is changing. As a result, the band is adapting to those shifts, rather than kicking, screaming and rallying against them. That's why the group is building on its momentum, rather than sitting on it and waiting too long to release albums. With 'American Capitalist' on the horizon, 5FDP choose to issue new music quickly, since fan's attention spans can be short.

"Business is changing and people are anxious to consume quickly," Hook said about the sad state of music biz affairs. "You can't keep [fans] hanging on 10 songs for three years. That's not fair for them nor is it good for business."

Hook admitted that "it's not a lot of work to do these records" but 5FDP do play at such a fast, hard and furious pace that they have to just dive right in and deal with it! "To maintain that level of intensity for seven months? That can wear you out a little bit, but let's do it anyway," Hook reasoned. 5FDP are all about catering to their fans and once they are in a groove, they stay in it and keep producing and striking while the iron is hot.

Hook referred to 'American Capitalist' as an "extension of where 'War is the Answer' left off." referring to their 2009 album. He said that the new platter "could be side C and D of 'War is the Answer.'" That makes sense, since the band's rhythm and flow are not interrupted from album to album.

On the personal level, Hook said, that with 'American Capitalist,' 5FDP learned how to best interact with one another and to work things out rather than jump down each other throats when things gets frustrating.

In addition to Hook's video interview with Revolver below, you can also check out our exclusive interview with the guitarist here.

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