With a name like Five Finger Death Punch, quite honestly, we're a little surprised we haven't seen more of this, but the band's hit 'Under and Over It' proved to be the perfect soundtrack for a full-on hockey throwdown between hockey players Joel Theriault and Gaby Roch of the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey (North American Hockey League) based in Canada.

In the video above, there are hockey officials present, but they decided to let the two brawlers go at it. After feeling each other out to see who would make the first move, the pair waited for one of Ivan Moody's guttural roars to play over the arena soundsystem before getting into it.

Though clearly not planned, Roch and Theriault almost trade punches in rhythm to the song before Theriault clearly gains the upper hand with a flurry to face, choosing to go "over it' with his punches. But as he tires, Roch grabs Theriault's jersey and makes sure to get an "under it" uppercut.

As brutal as it was, the players eventually tired and respect was earned as they high-fived at the end of their brawl before being sent to their respective penalty boxes.