Five Finger Death Punch are renowned for their white-knuckled songwriting and chest-thumping bravado, but they've also been known to dial back the intensity now and then, reflecting the emotional side of their music. This time it's a bit different as they've released a lyric video for "Gone Away," a cover of The Offspring's Ixnay on the Hombre track. On top of it all, two of the band's albums have just been certified platinum.

While the original song entertains a subdued energy which builds to an explosive chorus that hinges on emphatic chord progressions, Five Finger Death Punch inject their own sound into the song, thrusting it into the modern day. The band forsakes the punk-addled rhythms in favor of a more somber approach, opening with a barren piano melody and spotlight vocal from Ivan Moody.

There's a crushing, depressive weight to this version of "Gone Away" as chords sustain with floor-pushing low end and thunderous floor tom strikes that resonate with dramatic tension. It's a bit mechanized at times, coming across like a steamroller-led funeral procession, though we get a reprieve with an expressive guitar solo toward the song's midpoint.

The track is culled from Five Finger Death Punch's newest release, a greatest hits compilation titled A Decade of Destruction, which is out today (Dec. 1). The collection also features two new tracks, one of them being "Gone Away," and the other being a riffy new jam "Trouble."

It's a doubly good day for the band as both American Capitalist (2011) and The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 1 were certified platinum by the RIAA. Prior to the certification, only 2009's War Is the Answer had achieved the same landmark feat.

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