There are music videos that catch your eye and entertain and then there are videos like Five Finger Death Punch's 'Wrong Side of Heaven' clip that transcend the promotion of a song and actually create a movement. There's little doubt that when 2014 is all said and done, Five Finger Death Punch's 'Wrong Side of Heaven' video will go down as one of the most affecting videos of the year.

'Loudwire Nights' host Full Metal Jackie recently spoke with guitarist Zoltan Bathory about the clip while at the Louder Than Life festival, and Bathory went in depth about the video, the campaign that the band had around the clip that benefitted the military and how the video has stuck with viewers.

"It's a true story," says Bathory about the video. "We tried to take stories and we tried to take real life events and portray it. And in the video, some of those guys are veterans themselves. They're not actors, they're veterans, so you can see that emotion and it's as real as it can be."

Check out Full Metal Jackie's full interview with Five Finger Death Punch's Zoltan Bathory above and watch the 'Wrong Side of Heaven' video below. Then see how you can help by visiting the band's 5FDP4VETS website.

Five Finger Death Punch, 'Wrong Side of Heaven'

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