Record Store Day 2015 is this Saturday and the Foo Fighters will be recognizing the day with a live show at the Record Connection music shop in Ohio. The band has announced their plans to perform at 12PM this Saturday at the Niles, Ohio, record store and 150 lucky fans will get to experience the show.

For those interested, here is how you get one of the 150 spots inside the record store: Head to the Record Connection store and pre-order one of the Foo Fighters' Songs From the Laundry Room 10” records, starting tomorrow at 10AM. The disc includes two demo versions, a cover of the Kim Wilde hit “Kids in America,” and a previously unreleased song. Pre-sale purchases can only be made in person at the store, so pack your cooler, bring your sleeping bag and get ready to chill in a nice long line to earn your place for the April 18 gig.

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that Dave Grohl and the boys are doing such a cool thing to support the day, as Grohl was named the official ambassador of the 2015 day to support independent music stores. In a press release about his title, Grohl wrote, “I believe that the power of the record store to inspire is still alive and well, and that their importance to our next generation of musicians is crucial. Take an afternoon (and some hard earned lawn mowing money) and please support them. You never know, it might change your life forever, too.”

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