Foo Fighters are unleashing ‘These Days’ from their latest disc ‘Wasting Light,’ which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart earlier this year. The tune follows the album's No. 1 rock tracks 'Rope' and 'Walk' as the third single from the album.

‘These Days’ starts off with soft guitar strumming and frontman Dave Grohl singing, “One of these days / The ground will drop out from beneath your feet / One of these days / Your heart will stop and play its final beat.”

With rhythmic guitar riffs, catchy melodies and upbeat drum patterns, the track is a definitely a radio-friendly single.

The song quickly amps up with a very hard-hitting and raw chorus that has Grohl getting his rock on as he belts out:

“Easy for you to say / Your heart has never been broken / Your pride has never been stolen / Not yet / Not yet / One of these days / I bet your heart'll be broken / I bet your pride'll be stolen / I bet / I bet / I bet / I bet / One of these days / One of these days.”

The tune showcases the layers of Grohl’s voice and the consistent talent of the band. With its soft verses and loud chorus, ‘These Days’ delivers the classic Foo Fighters sound that has earned the group a massive following.

Listen to Foo Fighters, 'These Days'