From Ashes to New's new album Panic is out everywhere today (Aug.28), and to commemorate its release, Loudwire Nights caught up with founding vocalist Matt Brandyberry about taking the "MGK approach" vocally, sounding "really country" and more.

Brandberry typically handles the rapping on From Ashes to New's songs, while Danny Case provides the singing and screaming. This time, however, the band worked with two different producers on Panic, and both of them were pushing for Brandyberry to do more singing than rapping. He was initially reluctant, but eventually agreed — if it was done the specific way he envisioned.

"I wanna take the same approach that [Machine Gun Kelly] has been taking recently with his stuff. I still wanna kind of have it a little rappy, I want to use a little bit more electronics with it... I sound really country," he said laughing. "I can probably be a country singer if I wanted to. I've got this twang and draw to my voice, I think it's from where I'm from. I wanted to try and make it sound as urban as possible without sounding like Jason Aldean."

To note — Brandyberry is from Lancaster, Pa.

Panic covers several topics that are prominent in society now, including mental illness and violence — especially "Bulletproof," which just received an official music video. Watch it below.

The coronavirus pandemic unfortunately put a hold on everyone's tour plans, but Brandyberry is optimistic that they'll be able to hit the road again in the spring of 2021. Stay tuned for further updates, and to hear more about From Ashes to New's brand new album Panic, listen to the full interview above.

From Ashes to New - "Bulletproof"

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