In September of last year, the first installment of Ghost's (Ghost B.C.) 'Papaganda' series was revealed. The video stripped away the paint of frontman Papa Emeritus II, showing the leader's "face" much like in the 'Year Zero' music video.

Produced by Noisey, the first 'Papaganda' episode focused on the lineage of Ghost and how Papa Emeritus II replaced his predecessor. This new episode, 'What Happens in Vegas…', is all about Papa's life on the road. After signing some autographs for a group of hardcore fans, live footage of a recent gig in Las Vegas is revealed before Papa picks up some Ghost groupies.

"Coming to Vegas, the ultimate city of sin, is always a very joyful experience," says Papa. Many a colleague of mine have had lots of success here; Harry Belafonte, Frank Sinatra, and, what the hell -- even Elvis."

Greg Olliver, who co-directed and produced 'Lemmy,' along with the horror film 'Devoured' took on the task of directing the 'Papaganda' video. "You can't point a camera at Ghost without every frame of footage looking like heavy-metal gold," says Olliver. I was thrilled to hear that they wanted to work with me."

He continues, "Making films with legends like Lemmy and Johnny Winter, who have well-known stories, is one thing, but to work with a band that's on a fast rise to fame and has a mysterious story which is currently unraveling requires an entirely different approach. Add in the anonymity of the group and the look that they have... and you suddenly have a whole lot to chew on as a director. The only downside is that I felt a bit silly on stage filming while NOT wearing a robe and black mask."

Check out part two of 'Papaganda' in the video above!