Apparently, Ghost’s new female bassist has been revealed! However, the lady ghoul isn’t one of the musicians rumored to reside behind the mask in a widely-publicized theory which made the rounds last week. It now appears to be Megan Thomas of the tribute band Lez Zeppelin.

Some sleuth-like detective work by a MetalSucks reader has revealed the proverbial smoking gun: A red, square-shaped ring has been worn on the middle finger of the left hand by Thomas and the new ghoul. Could be a coincidence, but an X-shaped tattoo is also shared on the middle finger of the ghoul and Thomas’ left hand.



Thomas has also reportedly been absent from recent Lez Zeppelin gigs. The all-female Led Zeppelin cover band (which was founded in 2004) has become extremely popular, amassing over 600,000 Facebook fans.

Recently, rumors suggested that former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult was Ghost’s new female ghoul. Her bass chops and affinity for horror made Yseult the perfect potential ghoul. She even tweeted a response to the rumors:

Linnéa Olsson, former guitarist for The Oath, was also said to be the bassist’s true identity… but both theories seem to have been debunked, thanks to the finger tattoo and ring linked back to Lez Zeppelin bassist Megan Thomas.

Be sure to check out Ghost and the band’s new female ghoul on their North American ‘Popestar’ tour! For the full list of tour dates, click here.

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