Rejoice! Ghost will deliver a new album for fans in 2017! According to a nameless ghoul, Ghost aim to release their fourth studio album sometime in the fall of next year.

Ghost may very well go down as the definitive heavy metal band of the decade. Beginning with Opus Eponymous in 2010, Ghost have released modern classic after modern classic, even winning a Grammy this year for their song “Cirice.” The Satanic cult musicians have also established themselves as the contemporary masters of the cover song, releasing two EPs filled with re-orchestrations of classic tracks.

Ghost have continued to work hard by touring heavily, and once their current North American dates are completed, the Swedes will get back into writing mode. "After this, we're done in November, we're gonna go back home and start pre-producing the new record,” a ghoul told 93.3 WMMR. “And January-February, we're gonna tour Europe. So the same show that we're doing here [in North America], we're gonna do there … So springtime is [the time] to record a new album, and the new album [will] come out next fall.”

Get excited for Ghost’s fourth studio album! Ghost continue to blaspheme across North America for the band’s Popestar tour. Click here to see their remaining 2016 tour dates.

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