Ghost’s Papa Emeritus III took a tumble onstage while performing in Leeds, England two nights ago. Luckily, Satan broke his fall.

Papa Emeritus III is easily the most suave and sophisticated version of Papa we’ve seen in Ghost’s career. He dresses like a million bucks, moves like Fred Astaire and has likely bagged more ladies than Lemmy Kilmister and Gene Simmons combined. That being said, we all have our embarrassing moments.

Ghost were performing “Mummy Dust” on March 28 for their fans in Leeds. With one foot on his stage monitor, Papa went for a rock star pose by getting two feet on there, but slipped. He almost caught himself before going off stage, but wasn’t able to recover his balance in time.

Thankfully, not only did Papa Emeritus III come out unscathed, the supernatural singer landed right on his feet. He then spent the next minute serenading fans from the guard rail before joining his band of Nameless Ghouls to finish up Ghost’s set.

Well done, Papa! Check out the footage in the clip above.

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