Godsmack's Sully Erna is proud of his deeply personal solo record 'Avalon,' so much so that he's planned special trips for a handful of fans that purchased the box set edition of his disc. Erna included "golden tickets" with select box sets that would provide the winner with one of five luxury trips to a special location. The cameras joined Sully and his significant other Joanna as they met with the first winner -- Jeremy Hodge Costello and his girlfriend Carlye -- at California's Catalina Island just last week (March 1-3).

The trip proved to be just what the doctor ordered for Costello, who has been undergoing cancer treatments, as he and Carlye revealed exactly how much of an impact that the 'Avalon' album had in their lives. Carlye explained that they would have to drive an hour for Jeremy to undergo cancer treatments, and they would listen to 'Avalon' en route. She explains, "He made it his own kind of grounding. We'd spend the whole hour and not talk and we'd have our coffee and listen to that CD and it kind of wrapped his head right so by the time we got there he'd hold my hand and we'd get through it."

From a personal standpoint, Costello also reflected on Erna's 'Avalon' disc, stating, "The vibe he gives in everything that comes out of his music is just amazing. It affects my girlfriend and the baby that we have. It kicks in the womb when we play certain songs. I'm just so happy to be here and happy to meet him because he's such a cool, pleasant person."

During the trip, the two couples got to know each other while visiting the tropical climate. They met over drinks at the Descanso Beach Club, received an island tour via golf cart, had dinner at the Avalon Grille and spent a night on the town at several bars before walking home. The next morning, Costello was treated to a little rooftop performance from Erna as well.

Watch the video from the Catalina Avalon adventure below, and stay tuned as Erna meets with other "golden ticket" winners in Napa, Boston, New York and Las Vegas as well. Some of the "golden tickets" have not been claimed as of yet. You can still order the 'Avalon' box set for your chance to win at sullyernaavalon.com.

Watch Sully Erna's 'Golden Ticket' Catalina Adventure