There are bands, clubs and moments in time that become the stuff of legend. And for Green Day, a good portion of their early days was associated with famous punk venue 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, Calif. It was there that the band honed their chops before hitting it big and eventually making their way to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame credentials and it was also there that the band returned on Sunday (May 17).

PunkNews reports that the band was on hand for a benefit designed to help independent publishing houses AK Press and 1984 Printing, a recording studio and dozens of local residents. Each of the beneficiaries were the victims of a recent building fire in Oakland.

During their set, the band dipped deep into their catalog, playing such early era favorites as "Going to Pasalacqua," "Paper Lanterns" and several Kerplunk album tracks as well. Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra was on hand to introduce the group, while Rancid and Operation Ivy's Tim Armstrong joined the group later in the set to play "Knowledge." You can see the show's set list that was posted online by a fan at the show. Check it out here.

The independent venue had banned Green Day from playing the club since the early '90s when they signed to Reprise. They did perform an impromptu, unsanctioned gig in 2001 after hopping onstage during a set with The Influents. Watch fan-shot footage of "Basket Case" above, with "Christie Road" and "Knowledge" featuring Tim Armstrong below.

Green Day, "Christie Road"

Green Day with Tim Armstrong, "Knowledge"