Update: Billie Joe Armstrong has commented after his quote about Donald Trump and Hitler made headlines on a number of sites. He posted via his Instagram account the following:

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has never been one to shy away from political commentary. Just check out his George W. Bush takedown in American Idiot. But what does he think about the latest Republican presidential candidate? Let's just say he's not a fan of Donald Trump.

Speaking in the latest issue of Kerrang! magazine (as transcribed by NME), Armstrong is just as concerned about Trump's followers as he is about the candidate. He explains, "The worst problem I see about Trump is who his followers are. I actually feel bad for them, because they're poor, working-class people who can't get a leg up. They're pissed off and he's preyed on their anger."

Armstrong goes on to add, "He just said, 'You have no options, and I'm going to take care of it myself.' I mean, that's f--king Hitler, man! I don't even know how else to explain it. I wish I were over-exaggerating. And sometimes maybe I do over-exaggerate with Bush. But with Trump, I just can't wait 'til he's gone."

The vocalist recently told Rolling Stone that the band's upcoming album, Revolution Radio, was not a direct shot at politics so much as it reflected the outrage going on with the election. He adds, It's interesting. These songs were written before this presidential election. I use a lot of metaphor, and I blow things out, as any good punk rocker should. And it was interesting to see how songs like 'Bang Bang' and 'Say Goodbye' went from metaphor to literal, and that's the part that was tripping me out. It was almost, kind of like, predicting the future, in a way."

Green Day's Revolution Radio, which features the new single "Bang Bang," is currently on schedule for an Oct. 7 street date.

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