It makes sense! If frontman Billie Joe Amstrong is '¡UNO!' and drummer Tre Cool is '¡TRÉ!, then bassist Mike Dirnt will get a solid look in the second teaser trailer video for '¡DOS!' from the Green Day's upcoming album trilogy.

The clip is solidly packed with Dirnt's low-end goodness. As for the music, it's a little reminiscent of '80s rockers Georgia Satellites in one portion, which shows the band's further evolution in keeping things fresh.

All three members star in the video and unlike Billie Joe Armstrong's '¡UNO!' preview, which focused heavily on the group in the studio, the '¡DOS!' trailer is more about the band's hijinks. In the clip we see all three of the members mugging for the camera and having a good time. One unknown member is seen skirting around town on a motorized bike disguised as a tree creature. Dirnt is shown yelling out a car window and Tre Cool gets choked by a man who could easily pass as a bodyguard.

The trailer also reveals the '¡DOS! cover artwork and reminds us that the second disc in the upcoming trilogy arrives Nov. 13, following the '¡UNO!' release that's due Sept. 25. The third trailer in the series for the album '¡TRÉ!' is expected shortly. That album will follow the other two on Jan. 15, 2013.

Watch Green Day's '¡DOS!' Album Trailer