It's not uncommon these days for bands to occasionally turn their video making over to fans, usually as some sort of competition. But Green Day just had one of their classic tracks turned into a visually interesting piece through the use of virtual Legos and it came about unsolicited from the group.

The clip for 'She' was created by animator Raptor5120, who used a keen eye for detail to present a video that served as a tribute to much of Green Day's past. The Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool characters appear to have been modeled after the band's 'American Idiot' era. Armstrong, sporting his bright red tie against dark black shirt, is representative of press shots from that period. Likewise, Tre Cool is seen behind the kit with a bright red bow tie. Dirnt, meanwhile, is portrayed with his black tank top, with his upper arms inked with tattoos.

In addition, some of the background shots show photos of the band's 'Nimrod,' 'Uno,' 'Dos' and 'Tre' albums as well as the green-striped American flag from the 'American Idiot' period. Adding to the nostalgia, Armstrong has a few stickers on his guitar from past promotional campaigns.

Green Day took notice, with the simple commentary, "How cool is this?," while posting the video on their website. See for yourself how cool it is below.

Watch Green Day's Lego Video for 'She'