Green Day hit on a blend of melody and aggression with a hook that pulls in the listener right on their new song 'Nuclear Family' and they've released a video to go along with the simple yet catchy song.


The clip takes the view inside what appears to be a converted storage facility/warehouse where the group set up their instruments, amps and touring cases for a full-on jam of the track.

However, unlike a lot of shows, this environment allows the band members to face one another with Billie Joe Armstrong getting a solid look from time to time at drummer Tre Cool and the energy he provides behind the kit.

While very upbeat, lyrically the song speaks about the death of the nuclear family and times of change. Perhaps due to its instantly memorable beat, 'Nuclear Family' serves as the leadoff track on '¡Uno!,' the first album of the band's forthcoming trilogy. ¡Uno! arrives in stores Sept. 25.

Watch Green Day's 'Nuclear Family' Video