GWAR are back at full strength! Singer Oderus Urungus has revealed the band has found a replacement for late guitarist Cory Smoot (Flattus Maximus), and will announce the new member of the band in just a few days.

At the time of Smoot's tragic death in 2011, Oderus Urungus revealed that there would never be another Flattus Maximus in the group. The singer has now revealed that there will be a new "scumdog" joining them when they take part in the "GWAR-B-Q" Aug. 18 in Richmond, Va.

Urungus took the time to give an update on their latest album without Smoot, explaining, “We are writing 14-16 songs for the new album … then we will keep the best 12 or so, then use the rest for imports and other stuff … This album is the hardest but most satisfying so far. To keep or even surpass what we achieved w Flattus is no easy task. Have never worked so hard on an album, and never in our own in-house Slave-Pit Studios. For Flattus. And you guys! There is a new Scumdog, song titles, lyrics, all kinds of stuff…but it will have to wait til’ this GWAR -B-Q!”

Gwar will play Hadad's Lake Aug. 18 for the "GWAR-B-Q," with a handful of dates booked in September, followed by a full-on tour in October and November.